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Air/Bottle Rinser Systems

Designed to efficiently clean particulate from most types of containers, Kinsley Air/Bottle Rinser systems offer inline product flow utilizing easily installed inverting blocks, counter rotating feedscrews that control container movement through the system.

Air Rinser

Kinsley Air/Bottle Rinser systems can be completely customized for your
specific application.

Product Features

  • In-line unit sits next to and over your conveyor line.
  • Uses a deionized air knife and high-capacity blower to remove and trap particulate while enabling continuous product flow.
  • Counter-rotating timing screws facilitate container flow – a unique Kinsley feature!
  • Various levels of automation possible to include HMI and Servo Drives.
  • Debris fall into a plenum which has a collection drawer for cleaning
  • Easy to clean and clear jams
  • Guarding shown is optional
  • Gripper style system also available.
  • Countless controls give you greater flexibility! The standard unit is 120 volt single-phase and can be provided with manual switches or touch-screen PLC controls.

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