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Combiners / Dividers

Kinsley Combiners and Dividers are designed to provide flexibility and reliability. Whether you are moving several lanes into one or one into several, Kinsley has a kit for the operation.

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Types of Kinsley Combiners and Dividers

  • Timing Screw: Containers are repositioned using two screws with offset pockets. The action is smooth and the container is controlled throughout the movement. This style is compact and can be provided with the drive mechanism over or under the conveyor.
  • Star wheel: Kinsley Star wheel units handle just about any container shape. Where room is available for the installation these units can achieve reasonable speeds utilizing opposing star wheels or one star wheel with our new stepper motor ejection system.

Count on Kinsley, the original timing screw manufacturer, for advanced timing screw technology to improve your container handling systems.


As in all of Kinsley’s categories, we are dedicated to developing new and innovative container handling solutions. Two recent additions are the Smart Divider and Swing Divider.

  • Smart Divider: The Kinsley Smart Divider will divide one lane into two like a standard divider, send bottles only in one direction or sort left / right using some characteristic such as good/reject, or color. The unit uses a three axis servo system and can achieve impressive speeds.
  • Swing Divider: This new and cost effective design from Kinsley offers several advantages. It can be easily programmed to divide a single row into an even or odd number of lanes. This divider’s compact design sits over the conveyor and controls the container until released into the appropriate lane, unlike swing paddles that can jam and knock containers over.

For more information on specialty timing screw applications: