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Timing Screw Drive Units

As a leader in developing new timing screw technologies, Kinsley is also well-versed in engineering innovative and efficient Timing Screw Drives.

Kinsley Timing Screw Drives save you Money and Time

Kinsley designed Timing Screw Drives are one of the best ways to run your new screws. Kits are available to match most installation requirements and of course they can be customized to meet your unique needs.

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Why Kinsley Custom Timing Screw Drives?

  • Installation Ease of installation is one of Kinsley’s objectives when it comes to Timing Screw Drive Kits. Most kits offer adjustability and can be provided with digital read outs to provide position repeatability. As always, custom mountings to meet specific needs can also be provided.
  • Flexibility Kinsley Timing Screw Drives or Kits offer numerous drive options to include: AC, DC, Stepper Motors, Servo Motors and of course, direct drive from our customers’ equipment.
  • Innovation Kinsley is committed to developing new container handling solutions in order to ensure the further advancement of our customers’ production line efficiencies. Our ongoing investment in research and development of new timing screw technologies and drives ensures we will continue to provide cost-effective, flexible and efficient methods for improved container handling.

Types of kits:

  • Single Timing Screw Drive
  • Double Timing Screw Drive
  • Stacked Timing Screws
  • Angled Drive
  • Split Base Drive
  • Overhead Drive for Dual Screw Kits
  • Under conveyor Drive for Dual Screw Kits
  • Mini-kit
  • Counter Rotating Drive

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