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Kinsley Specialty Timing Screw Applications

A pioneer in developing new timing screw technologies, Kinsley is well-versed in engineering innovative, efficient solutions to overcome a variety of specific container handling issues for your specialty applications.

Regardless of your application requirements, we make container handling simple with quick and efficient solutions for maximum production line efficiency. You can count on Kinsley to provide the knowledge and experience required to tackle even your most complicated issues, including high temperatures, sticky surfaces, low friction requirements and more.

Diverse Materials For Your Specialty Timing Screw Applications

Kinsley is committed to examining the use of new materials for the development of timing screw applications. Over the past fifty years, Kinsley has created timing screws from wood, brush material, stainless steel, aluminum, high-temperature plastics and a variety of other materials. This groundbreaking approach to timing screw materials provides you with the most advanced container handling solutions available in the industry.

A Commitment To New Timing Screw Technologies

Kinsley is committed to pioneering new container handling solutions in order to ensure the further advancement of our customers’ production line efficiencies. Our ongoing investment into the research and development of new timing screw technologies enables us to discover even more cost-effective, flexible and efficient methods for improved container handling.

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